m54 engine

  1. MoistToast

    Z3 3.0I Magnaflow 11385 Muffler Swap

    As the title describes! made a short video of the new muffler on the m54b30 engine. Not a lot of videos of exhaust mods on this car so I hope this helps someone decide in the future! I love it despite the drone at 2-2.5k rpms. Has a great gurgle when its hot and engine braking! Definitely gave...
  2. ScottDarkness

    One of you

    Hi, my name is Scott and I too am a Zedaholic. Gutted '99 roadster with m54 3.0 swap track car turning into a daily panty dropper. Key West, Florida.
  3. L

    G Power supercharger group buy e85 & e46 (S54&M54)

    Hi Everyone, Just posting here to see if there's any interest in a G power supercharger kit for e85s, both m54 and s54. G power have agreed to give massive discounts for a couple of their kits. Including the s54 475gp kit, and the m54 300hp kit. If you are interested in supercharging but...
  4. t-tony

    56 plate Z4 - Rocker cover leak

    We had a man drop his 56 plate Z4 2.5 in today complaining of an oil leak which he thought was from the rocker cover gasket. On closer inspection the oil appeared to be running uphill, if it was coming from the gasket. I removed the plastic engine cover and spotted that the new oil around the...