1. beanie

    Honking noise and more - M52TU PCV, Disa?

    Hi all, I recently noticed this noise on our 2.0 M52TU. The rhythmic honking/beeping noise I assumed to be the PCV, but when revved there’s a rough, rattly sucking kind of noise. I haven’t checked the DISA in quite a few years but I don’t remember the car making this noise before. It only...
  2. NZ00Z3

    BMW Z3 How to clean a MDK (M52TU) Throttle Body's Potentiometers 1.0

    A step by step guide (with Photos) on how to take apart the MDK throttle body used on the M52TU engines and clean the potentiometers. There is also a test sheet at the back of the document, so you can check the potentiometer resistances both before and after cleaning.
  3. C8075669-2644-4B3E-BC04-91C5BB48C093.jpeg


    Dyno Time!
  4. J

    help - broken temperature gauges

    So recently my z3 2.8, with the m52tu, has started to do something weird. As I drive the car, it never seems to fully reach operating temperature, and the temperature swings between all the way cold and almost fully warmed. And so to the weird thing, when I plugged the obd2 scanner to it and...