1. MikeK

    Dipstick broke. How bad is this?

    Hi, The end of my dispstick broke into the tube while pulling it out. The piece fell in probably in the oil pan I guess. Will it go through the oil pump and cause issues or am I ok for now? How do I remove the piece and how hard is it? Anyone had this happen before? Thanks
  2. MikeK

    Anyone knows this part?

    Hi, This part that holds the exhaust is completely rusted on my z3. I can't find its name or any guides how to replace it anywhere online. Does anyone know what this is? Also am I safe driving without this? It makes a rattling noise against the heat shield but the exhaust is still secure. Thanks!
  3. MikeK

    M44 z3 consuming lots of oil

    Hi, Second post of the day, My z3 seems really broken. Fuel tank and mirror issues and now... It's consuming oil. A lot of oil. It was close to the max line like 80-85% there on the stick this week. I took it driving some back roads high rpms fast turning doing 100mph. I checked back home...
  4. MikeK

    Alternator + tensioner noises. Z3 1.9 M44(it was the power steering pump)

    Hi, Another problem another thread. After replacing my oil filter housing gasket and O-rings, i put everything back together, i replaced my rusted steering radiator loop, and then refilled liquids and started the car. A few issues i discovered after this. 1) Coolant leaking from the radiator...
  5. P

    1998 1.9L auto to manual swap (M44)

    Hi guys, I first got my Z3 and I was happy with the auto, wanted a manual but I'm in Victoria Australia and I had only my automatic provisional licence, Ive been playing around in all my friends manual cars and I finally decided to start on my manual journey however, I'm not going to buy a new...
  6. kyrix1st

    POLL Coilover choice?

    I am just looking to race competitively in ~2,000cc class, but I've noticed that there aren't many coilover choices for BMW Z3, particularly M44 model. With little research I've done, KW V3 seems to be the best choice, but I am open to all suggestions so I decided to make a poll :) It'd be...