1. Monty4248

    Weird Brake Light Issues

    Bought a 2000 2.8 z3 roadster, came across an issue that has puzzled my friend and I as we progress with repairs. All three brake lights fail to turn on. All bulbs and sockets are tested to work, the brake sensor is fine, the fuse wasn't blown, we replaced some weird LED rear running lights, and...
  2. AlanS

    Electrics Anyone?

    Car electrics are a bit of a mystery to me so any help would be greatly appreciated! Indicators,hazards, brake lights, fogs and main beam are no longer working, but driving lights are and won't switch off. Thought it could be the light switch on the dash but why no indicators? Can only find...
  3. Merry ChristmaZ

    Merry ChristmaZ

    Finally after a couple of weeks, of wanting to take this picture, I finally had the car park to myself. I hope you like, a belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all..