1. Braz86

    How did that get there?

    Fiddling around blindly underneath, I felt a few leaves between the two radiators so decided to pull them out. Then I felt more and more. Decided to pull the rad off the brackets and lean it back to see what was going on. 20 years of everything it turns out Now I'm used to cleaning heat...
  2. Autumn - At the pumps

    Autumn - At the pumps

    This is a retake of my classic Steeple Ashton pumps shot. The car was freshly cleaned, and weather proofed, so what better chance than now to do another photo shoot. This time I went to steeple ashton, with the aim to improve on my previous shot, which was great but was lacking some depth.
  3. Autumn Colors

    Autumn Colors

    On with the search for Autumn, Ideally I wanted lanes filled with glorious colour. However there were lanes, but all of them would have proved difficult to take a photo in, However I came across this tree Nr Devizes, that provided perfect autumn colours, not quite what I was after but clos