leaking roof

  1. MikeK

    My Z3 1998 1.9

    Hi, I recently bought a Z3 1998 1.9. It is a right hand drive UK model. Has a lot of small age related issues but really fun to drive. Previous owners were a bit weird with their """""repairs"""" so i am trying to fix stuff and eventually i would like to improve things. From my research those...
  2. pacificnorthwestZ3

    Convertible top leak?

    Hey all, I've done some searching on this forum and have found some posts that recommend applying Gummi Pflege to the rubber seals between the window and the convertible top. My leaks seem to be coming in from where the convertible top meets the window as there is (on purpose I hope) slashes in...
  3. Mani

    New hardtop not playing ball

    I have a quick question, I've recently added a hardtop to the Z, driver side seals well all-around but under heavy rain the point where the passenger side rubber and the a pillar rubber meet had a slow drip dropping onto the seat! The floor is dry and the seals look like they're joint well, the...
  4. waynerp

    New Seats, Leaking Roof, Strange Wire

    Hi All. So I have purchased some Nissan 370Z seats to replace my standard Z3 seats. As much as i wanted some Z3M seats, I have figured that comfort is more important than gorgeous looks !! plus the 370 seats were much cheaper!!! So today was meant to be about taking the old seats out, making a...