1. tigervig

    Water in battery compartment and small tube

    Battery compartment seem to get water collected from somewhere. Can't see any leaks from the middle break light area or on the carpets on the boot. There is also a small rubber tube that seems to have got disconnected from some where. Any idea what this tube do and how the water get collected?.
  2. Ajsbored94

    Z3 Hardtop leaking at windshield.

    I heard that you can adjust the hardtop to seat better at the front windshield? I don't know how to do it and can't find any guides on it. Also I can't really find where on the latches to adjust them. The rubber was replaced 3 years ago according to the guy I bought it from and it did not leak...
  3. colb

    Cam cover gasket leaking onto exhaust

    Seems I have a leak from the cam cover gasket, oil finding its way onto the exhaust and burning off, suspected as much when I bought the car and have a gasket set in the garage waiting fitment. It did seem to have sealed itself at one point but today whilst tinkering had the car idling for some...
  4. P

    Repairing Air Con Leak...

    Now I always take the roof down when I can but occasionally living in Wales I need to keep it up on the rare misty day like today enrolee to Newport! It was then I discovered it's best to have aircon working it got a bit stuffy and SWMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed) objected to my lowering of my...