1. Richardrix

    EWS IIIG Siren on/off key

    I now have my BMW alarm working, apart from the siren. There is a key on the siren to enable you to turn it off. Mine is in the Off position and I have no key. Does anyone happen to have a key for the siren? The number under the rubber cover is 2 so I presume I need a key with a 2 on it. I know...
  2. Richardrix

    Door lock woes (nearly solved)

    Some of you may know that when I bought my Z3 a few months ago there was an issue with the door locks. I was given a single master key for the car. This key has no buttons, just a bog standard key. The key would only turn one way in the door locks. On the drivers side it would unlock, on the...
  3. NickUK

    How To Guide Simple remote locking fix

    Hi, I just joined and thought it would be worth passing on the knowledge I eventually found online somewhere (I thought it was here but can't find it now). The remote was not working on my Z3 key so all I did was: - Turn the iginition key to position 1, turn off within 5 seconds and take the...
  4. Jane Race

    Wanted: key fob for Z3 (1997)

    Hi, Does anyone know of a supplier of key fobs for my z3? Please see photo; if you have one that you no longer need, please let me know. Thanks, Jane
  5. M

    How To Guide Boot or other Zed locks key matching and disassembly (mega tutorial)

    Hello Zedders Some of you might know me for my sometimes seemingly crazy projects and experiments, this is one of them J If you are having problems with your locks (this is for a boot lock, but similar concepts will apply to the door and glove box locks), be it sticking locks, broken locks...
  6. Kiwilarry

    Z3 Roadster 2002 Key

    I have a 2002 Z3 Roadster originally imported into Japan and the exported to New Zealand when I purchased it. There is a lot on forums on different sites about programming keys. I have found the keys that come with my vehicle never need programming after a battery change or changing the...