1. D0nni

    Hello from new member

    Hi everyone, New member to the forum. On my 2nd z3. Had a 1.9 which unfortunately lost an argument with a tree after hitting slip on the road. Gladly I was unscathed but sadly the zed didnt walk away as cleanly. I've since bought a 1999 2.8 artic silver. Only home with me at the weekend...
  2. adills

    New to the site/model

    Hello! I'm a longtime fan of the marque, have owned a couple BMWs in the past ('88 E30, '06 E60) and have rooted for their motorsports for years. Just bought an '02 z3 3.0i Roadster as a 50th birthday present to myself, and I'm chuffed. It starts, runs and stops like a dream. It will also be...