1. annieharm

    What is this trim piece?

    This group has been so helpful when I’ve been unable to track down info. Hoping for some help once again. There is an opening behind each seat under the bar behind the headrest (see photos). I have searched the web and I even bought a Z3 parts and repair guide. I have yet to identify it. If I...
  2. AquariusTony

    Wanted Beige Plastics for Roll Bars.

    Hi everyone, I am trying to track down some beige plastics for my 2000 1.9l Z3, so that I can fit some roll bars to it. I was going to then buy a wind deflector. At the moment, it has the full length compartment. Do I need to get the smaller compartment size in order to fit them? Thank you...
  3. Richardrix

    Removal of the plastic interior kick plate

    Hi All, I have replacement door seal rubbers to go on the car but to take them off I need to remove a bit of trim on the inside of the car that is holding it in place and I can't work out how to get it out. The piece I am trying to remove is the middle piece on the interior that is holding the...
  4. Richardrix

    Interior light not coming on when doors open

    Getting close to solving the door locking issue so I am now turning my attention to another issue with the doors. This time it is with the interior light. The interior light has the three switch positions. On all the time, off all the time and on when a door is opened. The light will come on...
  5. NickUK

    For Sale Black leather seats, carpets, dashboard etc

    I have black interior parts for a Z3 including: - All carpets - Dashboard - Centre console - Glovebox - Other interior plastics Door cards and seats are sold. Thank you.
  6. D

    POLL Color Match Center Console

    In the process of restoring a 1997 Dakar Yellow 2.8 Zed. I had to replace the center console with the face lift console. Only problem is the original is wood grain and so is the face lift one I purchased but there are a couple cracks in the wood. Not bad but trying to create a very nice...
  7. DammitGirl

    DirtDobber & Momma

    Hey y’all! Just got here via safari from the south, if you can’t already tell. I bought my lil DirtDobber over a year ago and had to put her in dry-dock immediately following a health scare. But now I’m up and running and she’s out of the hooscow! Time to start fixing her up and playing...
  8. Louis McClymont

    Seats for Sale

    fitted new interior to my Z3 so selling my old seats - original Z3 cloth seats £50 collection from Motherwell
  9. Applied Thought

    Wanted Drivers side black door pull

    Hi, Managed to break my drivers side door pull and can't see a way to fix it so I'm in the market for a replacement. Thanks