interior trim

  1. C

    Glovebox "fix" => busted up glove box.

    Hey guys, I was removing my glove box to repair the sag, and in so doing I worry I may have broken the glovebox beyond repair. Here's some pics.
  2. C

    Seeds and foam behind the dash

    Is this normal? I was taking apart my glove box and found a bunch of this stuff that looks like it could be insulation, but is covered in eaten seeds and smells kinda ratty. Anyways, should I keep this stuff when I put my glove box back together?
  3. Peawee

    3D Printing Missing trim, M44 Fogged airbox intake, Cup Holder

    Not been on here for a while so thought id write a thread Got myself a new toy over this lockdown to refresh some of my old engineering skills. I like many others have bits of trim missing from my interior that seems impossible given the cars age to buy anymore. First project was for the...