1. jamesholder247

    Wanted Subwoofer/ Enclosure

    Does anyone happen to have a z3 subwoofer part 65136902837 ? It doesn't necessarily need the speaker itself/ doesn't matter if its blown, it's really just the enclosure I am after. Picture attached. Many Thanks James
  2. DannyGartside

    Standard Z4 audio

    Hi folks, Just wondering if anyone has stripped out or replaced the standard audio in their Z4? I'm wanting to upgrade / add to mine and was thinking if someone had removed their standard hi-fi or DSP install if they still has it. Mine only has the minimum setup Cheers Danny
  3. Mac_Gaz

    It's all about the bass (or lack of it).

    Any hints or tips on this one would be appreciated. My newly purchased 2.2 came with a Sony Xplod GT315C head unit fitted, I've tried every setting under the sun but I cannot get any real volume or bass whatsoever. The unit plays from all sources, however there is no drive at all, it's...