1. Mike F

    Wanted Sadly, I need a new hood

    I need a hood for a 98 Z3. A gentleman in a pickup truck (with a back up camera...) backed into our Z and irrevocably damaged the hood. As you likely know, they are not currently making new hoods. I would like a high quality used hood or aftermarket. I'm struggling to find a source online, as...
  2. E

    Rear Boot Actuator £700 - Z4 2012

    Hi guys, after taking my Z4 for a service this time last year, regrettably to a non BMW specialist, I wonder if they caused a problem with the computer as immediately after the service, it had a handbrake fault, it just stopped working. When I took it to a BMW specialist, there was nothing wrong...
  3. MarkG

    Z4 E85 Roof motor issue

    Hi guys, after some help please! I’m aware of numerous issues with E85 roofs but this has just happened and as I’m a fairly useless mechanic except for basics, I’m hoping there’s someone local to me (Chesterfield, Derbyshire) that might be able to sort it without ripping me off. I’ve had my z4...
  4. JW1986

    New Hood

    Hello Does anyone have any recommendations (preferably northwest England) for anywhere that will sell and fit new hoods?
  5. P

    Z3 2.2i power hood doesn't fully retract

    Hi my first post so apologies if not in right place but I have just acquired an old 2001 Z3 with the power hood and my problem is that it doesn't seem to filly retract so I can put on the cover - any ideas?
  6. BlackBMWs

    Restoring Tessa - Hood/Top motor

    Greetings all! It's been awhile since I have posted, I trust you all are doing well. Aside from being crazy busy, I found some time to continue getting Tessa, my 2000 Z3 2.3L back on the road. I am due to start a restoration thread on it, but she has passed all required inspections after her...
  7. Bigtoe

    Where to get a new roof from (North West)

    So I want to put a new roof on Rosie but when I looked around in the North West, i'm getting quotes between £700 & £900! Anybody any idea what a reasonable price is for a new roof? Another option is to buy the roof from Monsoon (£400ish) but then how difficult are they to fit or can anybody...