1. S

    New Z3 owner! Happy but dirty hands already!

    Hi all! I'm very happy to finally be able to introduce myself on the forum as the proud owner of a 2001 2.2i Z3. I've been dreaming of this car for a long time and I finally get to drive one! Or well... Kind of. She ran great until I did a Vanos seals job and now my fuel trims have rocketed for...
  2. Greybloke

    Just saying Hi!

    Thanks for letting me join the group I just thought I'd say Hello. Today I picked up my retirement present a 1.9 Z3 it's 2002 with 73thou on the clock it needs a little TLC. So I'll be tapping you guys for advice.
  3. superhuba

    Z3 2,8 steel grey

    hello friends! My name is Mikhail and I am from Russia;) Let me introduce you my 1999 prefacelift m52b28tu z3 roadster It is my second z3. I love it;)
  4. Adydurn

    Greetings from Ady and Bea

    Hello Guys and Gals, I'm Ady, a Software Dev in the south of England (Hampshire), typically geeky and bearded bloke who is working on becoming an army wife... (the girl I'm dating is an army medic). Enough about me, you want to know about Bea. She's a Cosmosschwartz 2.0 Z3 Roadster, and I...