1. Low Rider

    For Sale A pair of Z3. Clear Headlights. R1 & L1

    £225 delivered
  2. elky

    Any fix for headlight inside lens yellowing - "burn in"?

    Is there any fix/repair for this kind of yellowing? It looks like it is on the inside of the headlight, on the lens. I think they call it a burn-in.
  3. Z

    2001 Z3 Headlamps: best current option?

    Hi all, I'm hoping someone can recommend replacement headlamps for my 2001 Z3. I'm looking for the most advanced options possible. I drive a dark mountain highway daily and the difference is stark between my existing lights and the LEDs on my X5! Apologies if this is a duplicate thread--I...
  4. Nodzed

    E89 HID Headlight Change

    There isn't really a great deal on line ref changing the headlight bulbs on the e89, so thought I post. Hate to think what BMW would charge for this. As it turns out its a 10 minute job and easy to do once you know. So BMW very kindly put a cut out in the inner wing so you can change the...
  5. David Wilkinson

    new member

    Hello. I am British but live in Estonia and have a Z3. When i first came here most of the roads were either very straight or were dirt roads. Now everything is nicely tarmaced, a sports car was necessary. I bought a Z3 in UK and brought him out to Estonia. Now I have the problem that I need...
  6. Lina Hariri

    For Sale Various Z3 items for sale

    Set of 4 BMW 7.5 J x 17 Star-spoke style 379M, Bicolour, Orbit Grey/burnished. Each wheel does have one small curbing mark, fitted with Bridgestone Potenza tyres with around 5mm tread. - £500 Black Tonneau - £130 Black Dashboard - £50 Facelift round OBC unit - £80 I also have...