1. David Wilkinson

    new member

    Hello. I am British but live in Estonia and have a Z3. When i first came here most of the roads were either very straight or were dirt roads. Now everything is nicely tarmaced, a sports car was necessary. I bought a Z3 in UK and brought him out to Estonia. Now I have the problem that I need...
  2. G

    Wanted Headlight range adjuster

    I require a working condition rhd side Hella 3 pin headlight range adjuster for my 98 2.8 Z3 Part number BMW 67 16. 8 389 947. 007282-51 Has anyone got one for sale or direct me to where I can get one . Thanks G
  3. yellowjacket

    headlamp mystery

    One low-beam headlamp goes out. Not a big deal, you'd think, just get a new bulb and slap it in. (Not the easiest procedure, but OK.) The new bulb doesn't work either, though, and Mr. Voltometer says there's juice. Could it be a transformer issue, even if the other low-beam (and other front...
  4. inkey$

    For Sale Headlight (o/s)

    Having a clear out. Genuine S50 o/s headlight unit for sale. Black ring version and previously from my old M Coupe. All clips in one piece (rare!) but beam adjuster broken. £90 posted
  5. Bentley

    Headlight/Indicator Stalk faulty

    Hi All. Wondered if anybody has had similar fault. When driving with the headlights on dip beam and I operate the indicator switch to turn right the main beam comes on as if the switch is being pushed away from the driver. all other functions are fine, ie left turn indicator operation all as it...