1. rodierick

    Current value of my extra hardtop

    I have this hard top still from my totaled 00 Z3 2.3 carwreck. It fits on my 97 arctic silver metallic 2.8 liter 5sp. . . As well as my white 1997 Z3 2.8 5sp. My question is what’s the value? also is either one’s value equal? I have all the parts for the tops. they’re all tip top. Curious...
  2. M

    SOLD BMW z3 z 3 hardtop hard top Atlanta blue

    For sale is my Z3 hardtop in Atlanta blue in good condition with a black headliner. I can include the fitting kit. Any questions please ask :) collection from Walton on Thames, Surrey, UK. Asking for £1200 ONO.
  3. B

    SOLD Z4 E85 hardtop titanium silver + all fittings etc.

    Z4 E85 hardtop titanium silver in very good condition. Comes with all the genuine BMW parts - 2 internal side covers, front cover where attaches to windscreen frame, L shaped allen key fitting tool, hardtop stand, storage bag, fitting manual and extra BMW adjustment instructions. No cracks to...
  4. J

    BMW Z3 Rattle

    Hi all, Recently purchased a lovely Z3 1.9 which was immaculate and very well looked after previously. I had been driving it throughout summer with soft Top up and down. I have now put the hard top roof on and there is an awful rattling sound coming from the back passenger side. My first...
  5. Low Rider

    SOLD BMW Z3 Hardtop with Fitting Kit & Stand

    BMW Z3 Hardtop believe to be Arctic Silver with Fitting Kit & Folding Stand. Small scratch on the roof. £1250 collected.
  6. U

    Looking for a hardtop in NL

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a hardtop for my titanium silver Z3. Maybe you have one to sell or you saw an ad online - any help is welcome. Anywhere in Benelux region is okay but South Holland, Zeeland region is preferred. It must be an original BMW and I will need mounting kit as well...
  7. Swiss

    Hardtop locking plug - Z3 3.0S

    This component is effectively a blanking plate over the recess for the hardtop rear stud. I'd been looking to replace the missing cover for sometime and finally found one on eBay. Delivered within a couple of weeks from Germany. Perfect fit. Sharing as might be of use to others. £14.23 for a...
  8. Ajsbored94

    Z3 Hardtop leaking at windshield.

    I heard that you can adjust the hardtop to seat better at the front windshield? I don't know how to do it and can't find any guides on it. Also I can't really find where on the latches to adjust them. The rubber was replaced 3 years ago according to the guy I bought it from and it did not leak...
  9. Ajsbored94

    Wanted Hardtop for 2000 Z3, any color.

    Looking for a hard top close to South Carolina. Willing to drive to GA or NC to meet up.
  10. IanBrown

    Found Hardtop with fitting kit - Artic Silver

    Looking for an artic silver hardtop with fitting kit. Thanks!
  11. P

    For Sale z4 e85 hardtop

    cv7 area, collection only. titanium silver. asking price £1000. email p.pavuk@gmail.com for quick reply.
  12. Phil T

    Z3 fixing kit-cause for concern?

    I’m just looking for a little bit of advice. I have a nongenuine hardtop fixing kit for sale. It came with a hardtop from one of the sites very well-known members. It’s actually posted on here and also on eBay. I’ve just had the following conversation with a gentleman from the US via eBay. As...
  13. Phil T

    For Sale Z3 hardtop fixing kit

    Slightly long story, but I have just found myself with a non genuine fixing kit surplus to requirements. Comes with full instructions & the all important demister switch. It's complete & until last weekend was on my own car. Can't seem to be able to persuade this section to upload pics, but will...
  14. BMW Z4M Cadwell Park

    BMW Z4M Cadwell Park

  15. BMW Z4M Cadwell Park

    BMW Z4M Cadwell Park

  16. BMW Z4M Cadwell Park

    BMW Z4M Cadwell Park

  17. Wolfgang

    My 2000 BMW Z3 2.8L M52TU Manual Trans

    I've read a lot of threads here since purchasing my Z3 I really appreciate the information shared by this great group of folks; so I decided to finally join the discussions. About my Z I feel I got pretty lucky finding and purchasing a well maintained roadster from original owners a nice...
  18. Mani

    New hardtop not playing ball

    I have a quick question, I've recently added a hardtop to the Z, driver side seals well all-around but under heavy rain the point where the passenger side rubber and the a pillar rubber meet had a slow drip dropping onto the seat! The floor is dry and the seals look like they're joint well, the...
  19. C

    Hello Z'sters

    So after years of MG's and Stag's - last for 12 years, total N&B rebuild, now living in Austria, I bought a 98 Z3 1.9 from an NHS colleague. Originally looking for something in VGC the one I now own is more of a project than I originally aimed to buy into if you know what I mean :-o It was the...
  20. Crispie

    Hardtop Fixing Centres

    Hi all, I have a BMW hardtop in Topaz Blue for a Z3 which is currently for sale. A buyer brought their Z3 round today (2.0ltr) to buy it away but the sockets on their fixing kit were wider than the pins on my hard top. Can someone with an OEM hard top fixing kit help me out with understanding...