1. Richardrix

    Wanted 1997 1.9 Boston Green Passenger Side rear wing

    Hi, I am after a Boston Green rear wing panel for a Z3 1.9 1997 pre-facelift. Thanks.
  2. J

    Wanted Green Z3 Wing Mirror

    Does anyone have/ know where I can get a Racing Green Z3 driver’s side wing mirror? A lovely gentleman reversed into mine at Tesco... Thanks!
  3. DanielleHN

    How To Guide Battle Against The Wing Mirror Corrosion!

    Hi Everyone I'm new here as I've recently bought a beautiful Boston Green 2.8i as a fun hobby - it's in really amazing condition for its years although both mirrors have corroded. I thought this was possibly the end of the world (as you do!) but found some helpful threads noting a particular...