1. V

    Need Repair Advice on a Crank/No Start

    Just picked up a cheap 98 with 1.9 motor in it. It sit for awhile before I went and bought it. It is in really rough shape, but its a decent project car. The guy stated that somebody tried to steal it, but I don't think they did. There were no signs of forced entry, just the key had its...
  2. Krystanimyth

    M Roadster center gauge lights/clock

    Hello All: I am trying to bring my 2000 M Roadster back to excellent condition, and one thing I have an issue with the gauges. Or more specifically the light bulbs(?) behind the gauges. I have read they are 2 watt bulbs, but those bulbs are no longer available. The 3 watt bulbs people seem...