1. IanBrown

    Garage/mechanic recommendation in South East

    I've just bought a very clean/tidy Z3 and am looking for a garage/mechanic who I can trust to look after it over the coming years ideally between London and Kent. Any great recommendations? Thanks
  2. inkey$

    Garage Flooring

    I have a decent sized single garage - standard width and length but 18ft at back - with an integrated mezzanine I built 7 or 8 years ago. At the same time I installed rubber interlocking mats to the floor, covering what was and still is a fully rough and dusty concrete base. It's looking a...
  3. buze

    Rear shock mount, do these look knackered??

    Since the garage told me I needed new ones, I've learned all I could about these as I planned to change them myself. How to access them too -- I'm no longer a *complete* newb on *that* topic, and I've been wondering how the hell did they manage to check the mounts without removing the carpet and...