fuel trim

  1. samoward

    Fuel Bank Warning Light Query

    Hi! I’ve a 2000 1.9 and an engine light has come on, took it in and was diagnosed as something to do with the fuel bank? Have had it knocked off twice. I’m driving down to Cornwall from the Lake District tomorrow-can I ignore the light for now and use the z3 for the trip or is it a more urgent...
  2. LaCroixBoix

    Long term fuel trim values

    Hi! I just got through removing my intake manifold to search for a missing DISA pin and replace the ccv while I'm at it, also did a new DISA, intake gasket, fuel injector o-rings and the idle has greatly improved though still rough enough to throw a CEL. I hooked up INPA and checked the LTFT...
  3. K

    Fuel Trim

    Dear friends , I checked a fuel trim by oBD and the result is as follows. Can you help me to analyze the results? Firstly, I checked O2 sensor voltage and it looks ok. When a cold engine, STFT is over +10% but after some time, STFT will be around 0% at the idle but it will go up to +15% more...
  4. n_mistry

    Lambda Sensors

    Afternoon folks, I'm getting the check engine light, drives fine so figured its the O2 sensors. This was the case when I used to own an E46 330Ci. Same engine as my Z3 3.0 so guessing its same problem. Went to my usual garage to read code and comes up with "fuel trim range exceeded" on both...