fuel gauge

  1. Suedezed

    Shocking fuel efficiency

    What’s everyone’s mpg? I feel like I’m always topping up. Using on board computer I clocked in 78 miles for half a tank. Is that about right? 2l 5 speed manual, 2000. Thanks.
  2. J

    Fuel guage issue

    I tried almost everything 1. Be pump and sending unit 2. Test the wires and made sure nothing from the gauge to the tank was cut 3. Checked the fuses and made sure nothing was blown 4. Pulled the gauge cluster out and apart and cleaned the connections on the fuel gauge. help me please.
  3. maya0401

    Gauge Cluster issues

    Hello Team, I've been having problems with the Gauge Cluster. Sometimes it working perfectly, but other times the fuel gauge, and RPM gauge specifically start to act crazy. The RPM stays at 0, and then goes to like 5k, and then starts acting correctly. The fuel sometimes acts correctly, but...