1. Geophys

    Wanted Exterior driver's door handle surround

    Have any of our breakers got a spare black driver's-side exterior door handle surround sitting around please. It looks like someone in the past has tried to prise it off and broken a lug on mine. Happy to pay a reasonable price and postage. 2001 Z3.
  2. katkwak

    Found windbreaker clips

    hi looking for some wind breaker clips for the mesh type pete
  3. Z Victor 1

    Wanted Z3 tools.

    I need a Jack,Tow eye and Screwdriver for the tool kit of my facelift Z3 plus the little socket that fits in there too if anyone has one. Also looking for a Hand book.
  4. bertiejaffa

    Wanted front blanking plates

    hi, as per the title I am looking to see if anyone has any spare blanking plates for the front switches below the heater console - posted to Manchester 1st class thanks Bert