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  1. BuxtonZ3Guy

    Hard top fitting queries.

    Hello chaps. Perhaps you can help? I have a facelift 3.0i Z3. The car did not come with a hard top. Before the questions, a few assumptions. 1) I actually have a hard top. 2) I actually have a fitting kit (the Holly Grail) for fixing the hard top to the car. 3) I actually have the switch...
  2. C

    Hello Z'sters

    So after years of MG's and Stag's - last for 12 years, total N&B rebuild, now living in Austria, I bought a 98 Z3 1.9 from an NHS colleague. Originally looking for something in VGC the one I now own is more of a project than I originally aimed to buy into if you know what I mean :-o It was the...
  3. PeteZ3

    Pete's Zed Progress Update (Z3)

    Well, I have been working on the zed quite a lot recently. You might have seen a few of my threads moaning about everything going wrong, but im finally making progress and its going well. I have got a fitting kit and hardtop in Boston green which are damn hard to come by in my colour, ive only...
  4. Paul

    For Sale Z3 Hardtop and Fitting Kit

    Hi Guys, just to let you Guys know should anyone be after a Silver Hardtop + Fitting Kit. Located in Oxford Thanks
  5. t-tony

    Hard top and fitting kit

    Just saw this on eBay at a fair price................ Tony.