1. S

    Z3 (retrofit) Heated Seats - Cabling help & more

    Hello everyone. I have a big long query with regards to my (newly bought) heated seats. I have read most of the threads and some other but still have some difficulties. Please note that all picture are from passenger side. I would please like to ask the following: Q1 - I did read that all...
  2. S

    Hi new to group

    Wanted ! ! ! Z3 facelift boot lid in Atlanta Blue. Southwest based but will travel. Must be in good condition. Anybody help? Thanks . Shane
  3. DannyGartside

    Wanted Facelift E85 fog lights

    Hi Folks, I'm after a pair of E85 facelift fog lights. The bracket on my nearside is broken(that explains why it moves about a lot) and the reflective coating in both is shot to bits Any help much appreciated Danny