1. MikeK

    Stuck exhaust studs

    Hi everyone, Hope everyone is ok i havent visited the forum in a while. I was changing my exhaust in my 1.9 z3, the middle part with the catalytic converter. It was broken inside and was rattling a lot. I managed to break the studs because the nuts were practicaly welded from the rust and...
  2. MikeK

    Anyone knows this part?

    Hi, This part that holds the exhaust is completely rusted on my z3. I can't find its name or any guides how to replace it anywhere online. Does anyone know what this is? Also am I safe driving without this? It makes a rattling noise against the heat shield but the exhaust is still secure. Thanks!
  3. inkey$

    2.8 OEM to Supersprint backbox

    Updated my build thread with this before and after video. Box needed a bracket plus some welding/mating to the mid-section and cat as it had been cut halfway along - hence Pipecraft doing the work for me. Supersprint sound is pretty much near to stock volume wise, but starts to growl more above...
  4. Braz86

    Exhaust help

    Finally found the hole in the exhaust thanks to the seafoam treatment. On the front silencer weld I think (I assume there are cats on each pipe then after the merge into one you have the 45* silencer?) So. I need a new system. May as well go from manifold, want it to sound sweet, but don't want...
  5. 2DunnsZ3

    Magnaflow exhaust for 97 2.8

    Does anyone have a magnaflow catback system on their 2.8? If so ,do you know the magna flow number. I have found most of the time they say 76412. My confusion is listening to sound bites on line there are some that sound so much louder. I just want deeper ,and not much louder. I don't want a...
  6. inkey$

    Powerflow or Long Life cat-back

    Looking to add a little more spice to the 2.8. Nothing ridiculous; more a deep, low down burble at idle/lower speeds and with a little more character at pace. Got it down to two options: Powerflow or Long Life. Any recommendations that would help me achieve what I'm looking for?
  7. Wilko58

    Exhaust Upgrades

    Has anyone fitted a stainless steel system to a 1998 Z3 2.8 Roadster and if so which make and/or where was it done? My car has the system with the electric valve on the back box, can that be deleted and if so how and is an engine mod/remap required? TIA
  8. Oldham1994

    Exhaust issues

    Hi again everyone, just over a year ago I had my exhaust replaced but since a few months ago, I've had a rattle coming from the mid box area. Popped down to a local longlife shop and they said I could either upgrade the whole system to a s/s for 380 quid or just replace the mid box for 70. He...
  9. andy Belcher

    1999 Exhaust replacment

    Hi All, I'm hoping that someone may be able to help me. I am in the Northampton area and have a z3 I bought last September. It is a 1999 V reg 1.9. It has failed its MOT due to the exhaust and both garages I have now taken it to have not been able to get the right part. One of them ordered...
  10. pinkpiggy

    Single muffler duplex exhaust for nonM

    Hello guys. I know there are like "few" topics about dual exhaust for non-M :) and I know the best solution (i would love to make, but its way too expensive - trunkfloor on realoem costs like $2300 - crazy price :/ ) for duplex, dual exhaust on non-M z3 is swap the non-M floor for M floor as...
  11. Rob-with-Rosie

    Snakes in the zed

    Hi all Just had a new cobra exhaust system fitted in my zed. Sounds great, adds a little extra performance (very little mainly helps her breath) and is another small step forward in my little project.
  12. GazHyde

    Exhaust change time... :(

    Oh well, guess it was due. Not sure if you all remember but when we needed to remove the exhaust for the sub frame refresh the flanges on the exhaust coupling between the cats and the rear section were in bad condition. Picture to enlighten those who don't :( We finished the sub frame...