1. Richardrix

    EWS IIIG Siren on/off key

    I now have my BMW alarm working, apart from the siren. There is a key on the siren to enable you to turn it off. Mine is in the Off position and I have no key. Does anyone happen to have a key for the siren? The number under the rubber cover is 2 so I presume I need a key with a 2 on it. I know...
  2. Richardrix

    Z3 3G EWS Sound Codes / replacement fob

    Hi, new to Z3 ownership. Have a 1997 1.9. When I stop my car and take out the key, the alarm seems to make a noise, it sounds 3 times. I don't have a fob to set or clear the alarm. Does anyone know where I can find out what the alarm sounds mean? Do you know if it is possible to get a...
  3. Brendan Loghides


    Looking for some major help with my z3. I am unable to get the car started after swapping an s52 into the chassis as well as a manual swap. The car was a 1.9 auto before. I have gotten a new ecu, ews, key chip, and ews antenna for the ignition cylinder all matching wired up in the car. The car...
  4. V

    Need Repair Advice on a Crank/No Start

    Just picked up a cheap 98 with 1.9 motor in it. It sit for awhile before I went and bought it. It is in really rough shape, but its a decent project car. The guy stated that somebody tried to steal it, but I don't think they did. There were no signs of forced entry, just the key had its...