1. S

    Z3 not turning on

    Hello all! I just recently bought a BMW Z3 2001 3.0L and wanted to install a radio that has carplay. I installed the Jenson 910X and it was perfect and drove for many days.....until i decided, if i can do that, i can also do the backup camera. I routed the camera lines and put the main power...
  2. A

    Z3 replacement engine advice/information

    Hello! The head gasket has gone on my Z3 1999 4 cylinder engine. I'm anticipating that it will be cheaper to replace the engine and the other reason why I'm attracted to the option is whether or not I could replace it with a more powerful engine. Is this possible? Would it fit? This might...
  3. JAC

    Engine caption advice

    Hi all, my 01 2.2 had an orange engine caption which was reset at a recent MOT. The mechanic couldn’t see a fault and suggested it may have been from a cold weather start or a dodgey sensor (which he offered to disconnect). The caption has come on again however there is still no obvious fault...
  4. K

    Engine Issue

    Hello people i am looking for a little advice. It i will start with a little background info. I recently bought a 2000 Z3 (2.0 6 Cylinder) Prelockdown as a project for me to complete while the country was on hold. The car was off the road for 4 years prior to purchase, i thought it a good...
  5. Pete07877

    Can anyone identify these disconnected plugs in my engine bay?

    Hi All. New owner here. I was wondering what these 4 disconnected plugs in my engine bay might be. I have a pre facelift '99 2.8 manual.
  6. Tom Cheesewright

    For Sale '99 Z3 1.9 engine and ancillaries

    I'll be removing the engine from my '99 Z3 next week if all goes to plan, in order to replace it with an electric motor. I need to keep the transmission, clutch and flywheel but the rest is going spare. Happy to sell it all as a unit or break if there is demand. Probably going to throw it up on...
  7. NickUK

    Difference between M52TUB20 and M52TUB28

    How, without looking at the plate on the engine, can one tell the difference between the M52TUB20 and M52TUB28 please? They look virtually identical and Google is not helping because it brings up images of the wrong engine either because of Google's algorithms or human error! Thanks.
  8. M

    Improving Acceleration and performance.

    I have a 2.8L 98 Z3 and I really feel i'm not getting the acceleration and power from the engine that I deserve. Was wondering is there anything I can do to bring it back to the original Acceleration specs or add power etc? Possibly changing a sensor of some description? Any advice greatly...