1. fatlad

    👋 Hello! (new participant alert)

    Hi Everyone! First-time caller here! ☺. I've owned my 5-speed 2000 E36/8 since—2000. We're now almost at 200,000 miles together, so I'm the guy to ask about Z high mileage! I do apologize, but this is an introduction and a question at the same time. A few days ago, I drove to my office...
  2. S

    PEI Pete

    I have a 2001 European Built for the Japanese market LH Drive Z3 2.2 eur ,series E36(7) M54 Roadster . I purchased it 2 yrs ago in Canada. Just wondering if anybody has or knows where I can get a electrical diagram. Stereo has been replaced & wiring is a mess. Also Front right (passenger ) fog...
  3. Mani

    16 pin diag port problem

    Strange one this... The 16 pin round diag port on my 00 plate 2.0 doesn't communicate, obd 20 pin works fine. If it plug in a connector into the 16pin one it shorts out a 10amp fuse #26 for the reverse light (but doesn't affect the light, weird I know). Once that happens the 20pin obd doesn't...
  4. S

    Air bag control electrical gremlins

    Hello, gents! I recently acquired an Oxford Green Metallic 2000 Z3 2.3 roadster, and I just love the little thing. It delights me to no end, and I haven't even had adequate weather to take the top down. The bad news, unfortunately, is that the airbag light is on. I was hoping that it would...