electrical issues

  1. C

    Number 9 Fuse blows each time I put in a new fuse

    Hey all! I have a 1998 Z3 2.8, and I was replacing the radio with a factory OEM replacement, and was getting no power. I took the car to shop to get a quick look over, and the number 9 fuse (see here) blows immediately upon replacement. As an aside, I have noticed that the cruise control will...
  2. Monty4248

    Weird Brake Light Issues

    Bought a 2000 2.8 z3 roadster, came across an issue that has puzzled my friend and I as we progress with repairs. All three brake lights fail to turn on. All bulbs and sockets are tested to work, the brake sensor is fine, the fuse wasn't blown, we replaced some weird LED rear running lights, and...