electric car

  1. Tom Cheesewright

    Z3(00S) - EV project

    Following on from my intro (https://zroadster.org/threads/trigger-warning-ev-and-body-conversion.37361/) someone (thanks Stephen) suggested I post a progress thread here about my EV conversion and eventually, body conversion of a Z3. So, brief recap: my daughter and I have bought a high mileage...
  2. Tom Cheesewright

    Trigger warning: EV and body conversion

    Putting on my helmet before I introduce myself here because of what we (me and my daughter) are planning: first of all an electric Z3, then ultimately a Z300s body conversion. Realise this will be tantamount to blasphemy for some, so sorry! Long-time BMW fan (E36 first, later E39 - still one of...
  3. Redline

    Don't see many of these

    There's always someone who tries to upstage you. Here we are in the middle of nowhere and someone turns up this morning in this. A Tesla model S. A few interested looks from all us techies.