1. Nodzed

    E89 HID Headlight Change

    There isn't really a great deal on line ref changing the headlight bulbs on the e89, so thought I post. Hate to think what BMW would charge for this. As it turns out its a 10 minute job and easy to do once you know. So BMW very kindly put a cut out in the inner wing so you can change the...
  2. D

    New Member - Looking for E89 35IS DCT Advice

    Hi all :) I’m looking for some advice :) i’m not new to BMW (currently have a 2006 130i), but looking for some advice regarding the E89 35IS DCT. Other than the usual scuffs and marks, is there anything in particular I should watch out for? Or common problems to be aware of? The engine...
  3. StephenM

    E89 rear shocks

    I would like to change the rear shocks on my 3.0 Z4 E89 I have looked through and can find help for the Earlier models but not the E89. Does anyone have a guide how to get at the top of the rear shocks on an E89 Z4 please. Looking in the boot both sides are covered with boot liner but I can’t...