1. M

    New Owner Z4 E85 3.0 Manual

    Hello all! New round here and new to BMW ownership..aside from my E30 that we wont talk about. Coming from mainly jap (MR2 Turbo, MX5s) and jags (XKR, XJR). Few questions, I usually enter into a cannonball each year. Does anyone know the range of the 3.0? How much will a S/C affect the MPG...
  2. L

    G Power supercharger group buy e85 & e46 (S54&M54)

    Hi Everyone, Just posting here to see if there's any interest in a G power supercharger kit for e85s, both m54 and s54. G power have agreed to give massive discounts for a couple of their kits. Including the s54 475gp kit, and the m54 300hp kit. If you are interested in supercharging but...
  3. L

    Workshop Manual

    Hi all, I was wondering, is there a good and complete workshop manual available for a 2003 E85 2.5? I heard Haynes has zome E85 stuff in a 3-reihe book, also that its not very good. Thank you!
  4. JPB

    For Sale Z4 E85 Parts Sale

    Sold my Z4 E85 so have some OEM parts for sale, grab a bargain - make me an offer! Collection, but happy to set up P&P if you're willing to pay. OEM Radio headset CD player OEM back box OEM Cigarette lighter (mint) OEM Clutch Delay Valve OEM Door locking pins OEM kidney grills (one coat of...
  5. JPB

    SOLD 2003 3.0i E85 Z4 137k - Satnav 12 months MOT

    SOLD - SUBJECT TO COLLECTION MOT until 28/09/2021 Mileage: 137k Excellent service history £4200 This car has been kept within forum members for years now and has been extremely well cared for. This 2003 3.0i E85 roadster comes in Sterling Grey and all common faults have been addressed and...
  6. Connor

    I'm back... Again.

    Hi All, I'm back in the Zedding world after a couple of years hiatus. I've moved around a fair bit for work, and then ending up living within walking distance of work and not needing a car at all. Anyway I'm back, and have just bought a nice 3.0 Sterling Grey E85 Z4. Comes with Nav, PDC...
  7. MarkG

    Z4 E85 Roof motor issue

    Hi guys, after some help please! I’m aware of numerous issues with E85 roofs but this has just happened and as I’m a fairly useless mechanic except for basics, I’m hoping there’s someone local to me (Chesterfield, Derbyshire) that might be able to sort it without ripping me off. I’ve had my z4...
  8. MarkG

    Z4 Intermittent starting issue

    For my 1st post as a member of this forum, just a bit of info about a starting problem with my recently purchased E85 3.0 - It would start no problem, then another day for no apparent reason, refuse, no noise, no clicking, zilch, then come back an hour later and fine again! After searching...
  9. JPB


    In this video I'm going through every step I took to swap my old steering wheel for my new one. I encountered a few common issues along the way such as trying to find the springs to release the air bag And also the snapping of some crucial plastic sections. Every issue I encountered I've also...
  10. JPB

    Cold air intake upgrade

    I made a short video on my whole process upgrading my stock air intake to a RAMAIR on my BMW Z4 E85 2003. View: https://youtu.be/8OZez8715Ls Video installing heat shield and bracket coming soon, along with sound difference and impressions.
  11. DannyGartside

    Wanted Facelift E85 fog lights

    Hi Folks, I'm after a pair of E85 facelift fog lights. The bracket on my nearside is broken(that explains why it moves about a lot) and the reflective coating in both is shot to bits Any help much appreciated Danny