1. L

    G Power supercharger group buy e85 & e46 (S54&M54)

    Hi Everyone, Just posting here to see if there's any interest in a G power supercharger kit for e85s, both m54 and s54. G power have agreed to give massive discounts for a couple of their kits. Including the s54 475gp kit, and the m54 300hp kit. If you are interested in supercharging but...
  2. colb

    E46 Camshaft Sensors and lower intake boot

    Not on a Z but on my mates 2.5 Series 3 Coupe from 2001. Lumpy running juddering at low speed, bad tickover. Code reader on it revealed codes set for camshaft sensors inlet and exhaust. Car did not have a MIL light on. Replaced both camshaft sensors, also spotted that the lower intake hose had a...
  3. buze

    Sticky front brakes, cure?

    I've ordered some E46 front brake mounts to replace my existing ones, to install 300mm discs.... My problem is the callipers, is there a way to upgrade the calipers to cure the (seemingly common) problem of them sticking? My car currently have that on occasions, and I actually would love to fix...
  4. Hannan Maher

    16 y/o with 2 s54 M

    Greetings from Atlanta Georgia. I am fairly new to the forum and looking forward to meeting new members! 9 months ago I purchased a beautiful Sapphire Black 2002 BMW Z3 M roadster with the s54 from the legendary E46 M3! car has just under 100k miles and drives and shifts amazingly. I also own a...