door handle

  1. Dillythedinosaur

    Floppy interior door handle

    Hi all, does anyone have any insight into the mechanism on the Z3's interior door handle? Mine just suddenly became completely disconnected from whatever mechanism attaches it to the latch (it was tight and had no issues before yesterday). It is now completely floppy and feels like it's not...
  2. D

    Passenger side exterior door handle not working

    Recently my passenger side exterior door handle has stopped working. Looking at Youtube, it seems this is quite common and a quick fix is to put your knee against the door when operating the latch (it works!). Staring as best I can into the bowels of the door, it seems the rod attached to the...
  3. Hugo

    Door handle problems

    This is a fix. In December I bought a new door handle after my door wouldn't open. I haven't been happy with operation of the new door handle compared to the passenger side since being fitted, then yesterday it wouldn't open again. I sprayed wd40 into the new latch (which was fitted last...