1. stackwadd

    1997 2.8 roadster (auto) keeps stalling at roundabouts and will not restart until engine has cooled down after 30 minutes

    Help Please. My 2.8 Auto Roadster (89,000 miles) keeps letting me down, usually at busy traffic intersections! It has the M52 B28 engine. I have been towed home by the AA three times in the last week. There are no fault codes showing, and no dashboard lights on at all. I have had a professional...
  2. Tom Cheesewright

    Z3 EV wiring help: instruments and ignition

    Would appreciate your help on a couple of things. Wiring up my EV now (see project thread for updates) and trying to find out: - Is there a signal line that runs from the ignition switch to the DME, or to the area where it is located? There must be, right? But so far me and my multimeter...
  3. V

    Need Repair Advice on a Crank/No Start

    Just picked up a cheap 98 with 1.9 motor in it. It sit for awhile before I went and bought it. It is in really rough shape, but its a decent project car. The guy stated that somebody tried to steal it, but I don't think they did. There were no signs of forced entry, just the key had its...