1. J

    Diff Leak Location? (photo included)

    Hey, y'all. Got my first Z3 a few months back and have since noticed the classic "diff whine" issue. I found this single photo in a recent service record that shows the diff case is leaking. It was not addressed at the time of service. Being a newbie I'm looking for insight and maybe some...
  2. Ajsbored94

    Refreshed rear suspension update

    I replaced a ton of stuff. Giubo, center support bearing, transmission mounts, engine mounts, roll/sway bar bushings, subframe bushings, differential bushing, trailing arms, yet I am still getting a clunking sound while shifting gears unless I rev match perfectly. I noticed after I reinstalled...
  3. Ajsbored94

    Refreshing rear suspension

    So after ordering the diff bushing, I thought "why stop there?" And proceeded to order the subframe bushings, flex disc, center support bearing, trailing arm bushings and trans mount bushings. Now, while all of this is being done, what else do you suggest I replace/take a look at?
  4. D0nni

    99 Z3 2.8 fluids

    Hi everyone, This is probably a tired thread but I'm at a loose end. Been trying to do a build check to see what diff my car has (2.8 99) and what transmission oil it requires (manual) I also ain't a clue what power steering fluid it requires. Would anyone be able to help a guy out? Pay day...
  5. roadvoyager1

    Diff oil seal leak?

    Whilst checking under the car the other week I noticed oil contamination around the inboard drive shaft coupling to the diff. There is more contamination than shown in the photo below as the shaft is rotated and some oil has flicked onto the underbody. Having spent a fair amount of time...
  6. PeteZ3

    Pete's Zed Progress Update (Z3)

    Well, I have been working on the zed quite a lot recently. You might have seen a few of my threads moaning about everything going wrong, but im finally making progress and its going well. I have got a fitting kit and hardtop in Boston green which are damn hard to come by in my colour, ive only...
  7. dva99999

    Diff and gearbox oil

    Having just 'learned' to change engine oil, filters and spark plugs I'm now turning to the gearbox and diff oil. The gear change on my 2.8 is rather clunky and as I have no idea if it has been changed or not I think this might be worthwhile. But my question is this....although there is a...