1. D

    Hi everyone!

    Hi everyone! I’ve just joined the forum so I thought I’d introduce myself. I worked in a BMW dealership for nearly 20 years at Senior tech level before starting my own BMW diff repair business. I have been racing in BMW championships since 2012 in my S54 powered E36 and I’m still involved in...
  2. buze

    Rear diff refurb/fix, where to these days?

    I realise I'm late to the party with my day-old z3, but where does one get the rear diff reinforcement done these days, as near as berkshire as possible? Cursory inspection of boot seems to show some popped spot welds, and I also have an occasional 'clonk' when releasing the power quickly... I...
  3. PeteZ3

    Pete's Zed Progress Update (Z3)

    Well, I have been working on the zed quite a lot recently. You might have seen a few of my threads moaning about everything going wrong, but im finally making progress and its going well. I have got a fitting kit and hardtop in Boston green which are damn hard to come by in my colour, ive only...