1. Tom Cheesewright

    Getting diagnostic data from serial cable

    I would really like to be able to pull diagnostic information from the car into an onboard computer without having to plug an external device in or use software like INPA. Has anyone tried reading the output from the 20 pin connector into something like an Arduino using one of the serial...
  2. colb

    BMW Scanner 1.4.0 Diagnostic Interface Code Reader Scan Tool

    Mr Scalex has mentioned he uses BMW Scanner Diagnostics in a couple of threads so I decided to give it a try. Purchased via ebay at £14.95 you get the interface, cable and CD disc to load the programme onto a Laptop. Loaded the software and the driver onto my spare laptop I use for diagnostics...
  3. Acousticplayer

    asc and abs lights on.Help needed please.

    Hi all. Just bringing my Z out of hibernation for its mot.Not used it very much if at all over the last year but now intend to bring it back into the fold.Unfortunately the asc and abs lights on the instrument panel are showing.Took it for a hard run but they won't go away.Looking at what...