cruise control

  1. Chris_st2

    Z3 New owner

    New to Z3 ownership just wondered about a couple questions for the UK owners is heated seat wiring and cruise control wiring already in place even if my car doesn’t come with them from factory. My car is a 1.9L 1997 if that makes a difference. Also if anyone knows what you need to retrofit...
  2. C

    Number 9 Fuse blows each time I put in a new fuse

    Hey all! I have a 1998 Z3 2.8, and I was replacing the radio with a factory OEM replacement, and was getting no power. I took the car to shop to get a quick look over, and the number 9 fuse (see here) blows immediately upon replacement. As an aside, I have noticed that the cruise control will...
  3. GazHyde

    Wanted M54 Cruise Control bits

    I NEED cruise control! lol. If anyone has the parts kicking around give me a shout, otherwise I'll be emailing Sopers at the weekend. 1 x Interface 65718380054 1 x Switch 61318360926 1 x Knob 61311390968 Ta, Gaz