1. 9

    New guy!

    Hello everyone! New here to the forum, looking to part out my 99’ Red M Roadster! If anyone is looking for parts please feel free to contact. I will be uploading photos later today.
  2. pacificnorthwestZ3

    Convertible top leak?

    Hey all, I've done some searching on this forum and have found some posts that recommend applying Gummi Pflege to the rubber seals between the window and the convertible top. My leaks seem to be coming in from where the convertible top meets the window as there is (on purpose I hope) slashes in...
  3. DammitGirl

    DirtDobber & Momma

    Hey y’all! Just got here via safari from the south, if you can’t already tell. I bought my lil DirtDobber over a year ago and had to put her in dry-dock immediately following a health scare. But now I’m up and running and she’s out of the hooscow! Time to start fixing her up and playing...
  4. Hannan Maher

    For Sale 2002 S54 BMW M ROADSTER U.S

    For sale is my 2002 M roadster. 1 of 1556 S54 powered roadsters/coupes ever made. This has been one of the most exciting M cars I've ever owned. 0-60 will be done in just 4 seconds. It handles like a dream! Such a light and nimble car. I can go on and on about it, if your an enthusiast then you...