1. Z

    Fuel Injector Cleaning

    Hello fellow Z drivers. I've been debating something and I would like your opinions. So I'm approaching 185,000 miles on my 01 z3 3.0i and it's about time for the CCV job again (The last one was about 10 years and 100,000 miles ago right when I get the car). While I'm in there I figured I...
  2. Braz86

    How did that get there?

    Fiddling around blindly underneath, I felt a few leaves between the two radiators so decided to pull them out. Then I felt more and more. Decided to pull the rad off the brackets and lean it back to see what was going on. 20 years of everything it turns out Now I'm used to cleaning heat...
  3. buze

    Good/bad first day out

    Took the pretty little thing out today with the Mrs (who IS the pretty thing, just not the one with staggered... help, I need to stop right here!), packed a couple of shotguns and cartridges in the boot (JUST about the right size) and went off to our clay shooting ground... All went swimmingly...