1. Donington Historic meet 2023

    Donington Historic meet 2023

    Nice day out a few Bmw blasting round the track :-)
  2. colb

    Event Tewkesbury Classic Car Show Sunday 18th August 2019

    Tewkesbury Classic Car Show will take place at Ashcurch School just off the M5 on Sunday 18th August 2019 They charge £5 Classic Car and Driver and £5 per passenger. Full details at their website...
  3. Autumn - At the pumps

    Autumn - At the pumps

    This is a retake of my classic Steeple Ashton pumps shot. The car was freshly cleaned, and weather proofed, so what better chance than now to do another photo shoot. This time I went to steeple ashton, with the aim to improve on my previous shot, which was great but was lacking some depth.