central locking

  1. Pete07877

    Wanted Z3 Rear View Mirror (or just the PCB) / Aerial and grommet / Digital On Board Computer

    Hi I'm looking for a rear view mirror or just the pcb. A stock aerial with grommet. A gen 1 obc (the square digital one with the two buttons). Ta vm Pete
  2. Richardrix

    Central Locking Query

    Looking at small items left on my to-do list for my Z3 1.9 and pondering this one with the central locking. If I lock/unlock the car with the key from the drivers or passengers door, both doors lock and unlock. However, this does not unlock or lock the boot. If I lock/unlock the boot with the...
  3. NickUK

    How To Guide Simple remote locking fix

    Hi, I just joined and thought it would be worth passing on the knowledge I eventually found online somewhere (I thought it was here but can't find it now). The remote was not working on my Z3 key so all I did was: - Turn the iginition key to position 1, turn off within 5 seconds and take the...