1. MikeK

    M44 z3 consuming lots of oil

    Hi, Second post of the day, My z3 seems really broken. Fuel tank and mirror issues and now... It's consuming oil. A lot of oil. It was close to the max line like 80-85% there on the stick this week. I took it driving some back roads high rpms fast turning doing 100mph. I checked back home...
  2. nelson86

    Disconnected FPR vacuum (?) hose

    Good evening This my first post having recently bought my first Z3, it’s a 1999 2.0 roadster which I am very happy with, although have a long list of jobs to do including thermostat and water pump. Apologies for the long winded question. I removed my fuel injectors and have posted them off...
  3. colb

    2.5 CCV Refresh

    Set about replacing the CCV hoses and separator unit that lives under the inlet manifold, armed with my replacement kit purchased on ebay for £24 I set about stripping out the old hoses, what a pain those turned out to be getting them unclipped and pulled off. Managed to disconnect all the hoses...
  4. SilverbackGuerilla

    I bought a heavenly headache.

    (Sorry for this short essay) My name is Craig and I am new to the bmw world having bought a 2001 Z3 2.5i recently. I am a long time enthusiast, though in the past I usually paid for most work to be done. I bought this very cheap ($2.5k),high mileage (170k) roadster with the intent on doing all...