1. colb

    Cam Sensor Code 1.9 M43

    Zedshed Cymru in action this morning for Julians 1.9 M43, EML lit up on him in the week, put BMW Scanner on it to reveal a Camshaft Sensor code. Cleared the code and ran the engine, code returned. No spare to hand so couldn't change it. Quick check over the engine also revealed a split in the...
  2. colb

    E46 Camshaft Sensors and lower intake boot

    Not on a Z but on my mates 2.5 Series 3 Coupe from 2001. Lumpy running juddering at low speed, bad tickover. Code reader on it revealed codes set for camshaft sensors inlet and exhaust. Car did not have a MIL light on. Replaced both camshaft sensors, also spotted that the lower intake hose had a...