1. K

    2004 E85 front bumper grill bezel replacement help

    Hello forum, I did something silly - decided to paint my front bumper which made me realise that the pins holding the kidney grills have a few of them missing. The problem is that I can't find any part number for them. They seem to be separate from the bumper. Here's a front and back view of...
  2. Mani

    For Sale 00 z3 rear bumper topaz blue £40

    Rear bumper for sale with metal mount/guard fitted. Needs a respray but in one piece without any damage £40
  3. pinkpiggy

    Wanted M front bumper

    Hello guys, sorry for doubling thread. But even when i won the auction with "buy now" button and payed the bumper i found before, after 2 weeks seller decided he will not send the bumper and he added it again for sale (and doubled price). All work on my z3 wait 2 weeks because of one f****...
  4. mrscalex

    SOLD Facelift front & rear bumpers in Topaz Blue

    The front bumper is solid but looks nasty - much worse than it really is underneath. It was on the car when it was front-ended but remarkably regained it's shape with no structural damage other than needing a very small amount of filler in an older repair (spent chewing gum sized hole) that...
  5. pinkpiggy

    Found Z3 M front bumper

    Hello guys, because of I am not able to find ac schnitzer front splitters for my z3, I am looking for M front bumper. Anyone has one for sale? I am located in middle europe (czech republic) so shipping is necessary in most cases. I can drive for that bumper in closer areas like east germany...