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    For Sale .

  2. JW1986

    Looking for a mint condition rocker cover for an S50 pref in the UK

    I have a 1998 Z3 M Roadster and I am looking for a couple of parts. The main being the top rocker cover as mine is quite warn, an original alarm led that sits next to the heated seat button and I am also looking for a rear number plate housing. See attached pics for last two.
  3. Jane Race

    Wanted: key fob for Z3 (1997)

    Hi, Does anyone know of a supplier of key fobs for my z3? Please see photo; if you have one that you no longer need, please let me know. Thanks, Jane
  4. Bladeskarl

    Seat belt guide

    Hi folks, long shot but is anyone scrapping a drivers seat, needing the belt guide that screws into the top of the seat but don’t fancy paying BMW 70 quid for the privilege... Part Number 52107918366
  5. S

    My First Z3 - and it's rotten

    Hi all! Just picked up my first Z3 as my new project and i'm sad to say that the sills and Front and rear wings are rotten through..... I'm in 2 minds on what to do with the car - Break for parts or fix and keep it on the road?? It's a 1998 1.9 in Silver with the lovely red leather interior...
  6. LeoIWH

    SOLD BMW z3 1.9 m44 engine breaking ended

    Various of BMW z3 m44 engine parts available, please message me for availability and price and i will get back to you! No problems no knock or bangs or leaks breaking because I'm doing an engine swap which you can find out here...