brake squeal

  1. NickUK

    Hand brake stuck

    Hi, I recently joined the site and mentioned in my introduction post that I was going to refurbish a brake caliper. After removing the wheel and also looking at the handle inside the car, I think the handbrake is stuck on the driver side rear wheel. The handle in the car is very loose with no...
  2. Alistair Francis

    Rear Brake Caliper Upgrade?

    I bought my 1996 1.9L Z3 a year and a half ago (used obviously) and at the time had the front brakes replaced. I can't remember if the mechanic replaced the calipers, but the pads and rotors were replaced. I recently went to a track event and now the brakes squeak just before I come to a stop...
  3. Jon Jeffryes

    Squealing rear brakes

    As preparation for the recent Euro trip, I fitted a set of new discs and pads on the rear (The fronts were changed a month prior) The only disc/pad set available at the time were Eicher brand (it was late on a Saturday p.m.). Fitting was straight forward - I changed the handbrake shoes and...