brake caliper

  1. MikeK

    Z3 1.9 brake caliper brand suggestions?

    Hi, Yesterday my front right caliper got stuck while driving. Overheated and it looks like i am going to need a replacement. My brakes didnt respond perfectly since i got the car anyways so i thought lets change both front calipers. I dont have a garage, i fix my car in front of my house...
  2. JSVice

    New brake pads too tight.

    Just put on new rotors and pads. I triple checked the part numbers to make sure they were right for my '97 1.9l Z3. Before putting the new pads on, I took a C-clamp and made sure that the caliper piston was fully seated. The new pads are snug to the point of rubbing against the rotors without...
  3. n_mistry

    ABS+ASC module, fault lights and hot wheel...?

    I’ve been getting intermittent ABS, traction control and parking brake lights come on. When they come on, I turn the car off and start up again and lights disappear, until some random time. I have noticed that at times there is an odd smell from the front off side wheel after faster driving so...
  4. roadvoyager1

    Rear brake refurb

    Thought I would share this info. and maybe save people a few pennies. I don't have any affiliation with any of the Companies mentioned but was so impressed with the parts and the prices I felt they deserved a mention My rear caliper on the drivers side has been sticking intermittently for the...
  5. Alistair Francis

    Rear Brake Caliper Upgrade?

    I bought my 1996 1.9L Z3 a year and a half ago (used obviously) and at the time had the front brakes replaced. I can't remember if the mechanic replaced the calipers, but the pads and rotors were replaced. I recently went to a track event and now the brakes squeak just before I come to a stop...
  6. Brian4

    Brake Caliper seal replacement

    I decided that the front flexi hoses needed replacement and whilst I had it apart I would change the seals on the calipers.I had painted the calipers 2 years ago but some bits were scabby again around the dust seals and the only way to get at these was with the piston out. Got them all apart...